"After finally finding some time to reflect and reminisce, I realize how thankful I am to have had both of you as contacts, tour guides and familiar faces during my semester abroad. I absolutely loved my experience abroad and will forever be thankful for the months I spent sandwiched between those magical mountains and the never-ending ocean. Thank you for always doing everything in your power to keep us safe, healthy, learning and experiencing. I shall always be grateful for you two and your unwavering warmth and enthusiasm." [Zoe UCB First Semester 2019] "My time in Cape Town was nothing short of spectacular. My time at UCT was enriching and formative. Overall, my time abroad filled me with gratitude and made me thankful for the life I am living- the opportunity to travel across the world and live there for five months, to connect with new people and places and to learn about myself in the process." [Ryan UCLA Second Semester 2019] "My time spent in Cape Town has been the highlight of my life. I stayed in a wonderful house with other American and International students who have become family to me, bonded by our memories together from travelling up the Garden Route to camping in the Cederberg Mountains and First Thursdays in the city. Thanks to this little family and the IDACA programme, I always felt I had a safe home base. Cape Town offered endless exploration every weekend.
UCT’s campus nestled below the mountain must truly be the most beautiful campus in the world. The courses offered were interesting and my classes offered a sense of camaraderie which helped me to befriend South African students. I strengthened these bonds by joining clubs like the Underwater Club, the Mountain and Ski Club and the Birding Club. These clubs and the passion of the members have inspired me to bring new ideas to my clubs back at home.
The friends and the memories I have made in these five months have taught me that shared experiences should be valued more than we think and just how many of these experiences exist every day." [Kendall UCB 2019]
"Thank you for all you and your team did for him. Your guidance and support were simply invaluable. I know how life-changing this experience was for him and I cannot thank you enough for being there." [Parent BARD 2019] "Studying abroad in Cape Town was the best thing I have ever done. As clichéd as that sounds, moving to a country where you don’t know a single soul and making a life for yourself urges personal growth and new perspectives of the world. Isabella and Shannon, I cannot put into words how much I appreciated your happy spirits and motherly affection. I felt very safe knowing I had IDACA looking after me. Until we meet again, I’ll definitely be back, take care". [Ekshika UCSB December 2018]