A priority for IDACA is the well-being and comfort of students while they are Cape Town. To this end, a good network of  houses and landlords ensures  accommodation of a very high standard. The houses are comfortable, secure and well maintained. All are located within walking distance of UCT’s main campus and are close to shops, restaurants, banks and transport. IDACA also works closely with UCT’s student housing administrators as some semester abroad students prefer to live in UCT student residences.

DSC00277Accommodation offered by IDACA  includes single rooms as well as double, shared rooms. All housing offers wi-fi, well- equipped kitchens, shared bathrooms, living rooms and very often, an outdoor living area. The students, landlords and IDACA liaise closely to ensure that the houses are well functioning and secure at all times.


The IDACA housing application form ( which you receive from your home university or college) provides housing details and as far as possible, makes every effort to accommodate students in the houses of their choice. Housing is confirmed before students leave the US.