Application & admission

For information on applications and admission to UCT’s semester abroad programmes, refer to UCT’s IAPO website and consult the International Office at your home university.


Application process:

If you are a student at one of our partner universities or colleges in the US, contact the International Office at your home university for procedures and deadlines.

·      Go to the UCT website for general information about UCT and to their IAPO ( International Academic Programme Office) website for specific information on the application process.

·      Your home university or college will send you the IDACA information and application forms for accommodation.

·      Once you have been accepted at UCT for the semester, your completed IDACA applications will be sent to us to process and confirm.

(N.B. Should you not be a student at one of our partner universities or college in  the US and should you want assistance from IDACA during your semester abroad in Cape Town, please contact us directly once you have been accepted by UCT.

Semester dates for 2018:

1st Quarter19 February29 March
Mid-Term Vacation 30 March8 April
2nd Quarter9 Aprilto be confirmed
Mid- Year Vacation16 June22 July
3rd Quarter 23 July7 September
Mid-Term Vacation 8 September16 September
4th Quarter 17 September21 December (exams end earlier)