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Selected newsletters & articles

IDACA newsletter December 2019 (PDF)
IDACA newsletter July 2019 (PDF)
IDACA newsletter December 2018 (PDF)
Article about The Hope Exchange & Locker Project (pdf)
Article about Matt Dea from UCeaP about his experiences (2019)
Travel blog by student Kelli (2018)
Video by student Ekshika
IDACA newsletter June 2018
UCT Newsletter June 2018
IDACA newsletter December 2017 (PDF)
IDACA newsletter July 2017 (PDF)
IAPO newsletter December 2017
Every question I get asked when I tell people I live in South Africa, by Hannah Gunter, UCSB, in Cape Town 2016
My UCT experience, by Nicholas Martinez, UC, in Cape Town 2016
IDACA newsletter July 2016, (Word document, 2.6MB )
IDACA newsletter December 2016 (PDF)
Report on Robben island visit, 2016 by Mufudzi Nhamoines (PDF)
Feedback on a 2016 semester by Brien Griffin (PDF)
University of California Alumni newsletter 2016, featuring an article about students’ meeting with Archbishop Desmond Tutu
Reflections on the Princeton South Africa study abroad program – 1996 (PDF)


  • Internship Opportunity created in Cape town by Govind Srivastav (UClA ’19)
  • Lauri Label (UCLA Fall 2016, left in photo) is currently working with the Peace Corps teaching in a remote village in Northern Kwa-Zulu Natal on the border of Swaziland. She will be in Cape Town in April ’19 and is keen to talk to the IDACA students about her experiences and teaching in this small village. (full article) (PDF)