Safety in Cape Town

As in any city in the world, you need to be vigilant and responsible.Once you arrive, you need to  take careful note of the advice given by IDACA and IAPO during their orientation programmes. Pre-departure, you should access more detailed information on safety in Cape Town on the IAPO and and your home university websites.

General safety guidelines include the following:

  • Never walking alone at night.
  • Always checking with locals if in doubt about areas you want to visit, especially at night.
  • Only using public transport during day light hours\ commuter hours and using transport recommended by IDACA at night and for trips further afield.
  • Making use of UCT’s extensive network of Jammie Shuttles around the areas close to campus as well as to UCT’s Hiddingh Campus situated in the upper area of the city centre.
  • Being vigilant when walking off campus especially with lap-tops, phones and cameras.
  • Keeping emergency numbers and numbers of your house-mates in your phones.



  • It is mandatory to let IDACA know when you will be leaving leaving Cape Town for more than 24 hours. This is a requirement from your home universities.
  • It is also required that you register before leaving home with the US STEP Smart Traveller Enrollment Programme at: thereby enrolling your trip with the U.S. Consulate in Cape Town.
  • You are expected to keep in regular internet contact and respond to up-dates from your home universities.
  • We make every effort to provide you with safe and secure accommodation within walking distance of UCT campus. You, however, need to be responsible about following the security measures set up in each house.
  • UCT Campus Control operates on campus as well as in the residential area close to campus.
  • There are two Police Stations within five to ten minutes of all the IDACA houses and apartments.
  • You need to let house-mates know where you will be going especially at night and have their numbers as well as emergency numbers in your phones.
  • Always alert IDACA should you leave Cape Town on short trips as well as trips further afield.
  • IDACA will arrange for  your personal contact details to be forwarded to  the US Consulate in Cape Town.

Both the IDACA as well as the IAPO orientation programmes will include further guidelines on safety including hiking, driving and swimming in South Africa.