About us

IDACA student support services is a small, highly professional and personalised organisation. We provide international students with all the assistance they need to locate themselves easily in Cape Town and at UCT as well as with on- going support and services throughout the semester abroad. The welfare of the students and professional service to our American partner universities and colleges is and always has been our mission.

What makes IDACA special

Ida Cooper and her associates have looked after 2000 students since their service to American universities and colleges was initiated in 1995. Throughout the decades,they have maintained a high level of professionalism in their  dealings with the US universities and with the local agencies of relevance to student welfare in Cape Town.

IDACA handles all the practicalities involved in making the transition to Cape Town a trouble-free and comfortable experience.

Located within 15 minutes of the UCT campus, IDACA associates are on 24 hour call for the students and importantly, act as a direct liaison between students, UCT, partner universities and colleges in the US as well as with parents.

On arrival, the personalized IDACA orientation programme very rapidly familiarizes students with their immediate surrounds as well as with the city.

A  small team of carefully selected UCT senior students assist with familiarization and integration into the UCT community and the city.

Their on-going programme of talks, dinners and outings offers opportunities for students to engage with the history of South Africa as well as with the challenges facing this complex and diverse nation.

Opportunities to explore the natural beauty and the cultural diversity of the city and finding opportunities to volunteer in diverse organizations are facilitated by IDACA.

Being a small organization, IDACA is easily able to cater to the individualized needs of students.