Clubs & Societies

There are more than 100 student societies and organisations at UCT reflecting a wide range of interests. These include academic, religious, cultural, social and political fields of interest. Each  is run by students and any student may be a member. These clubs and societies allow students to become active members of  a community on campus that is stimulating and opens up new challenges and opportunities.

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Clubs and societies which many SSA students enjoy and through which they meet local students include the following:

  • SHAWCO which has volunteer opportunities in their medical and educational outreach programmes.
  • The Mountain and Ski Club which offers great opportunities for weekend climbs and hikes out of the city.
  • The Underwater Club for those of you who scuba dive.
  • The Surf Club
  • Dance of various kinds
  • The UCT Choir
  • Writing for the student weekly newspaper ”Varsity”
  • Various other sports clubs.
UCT Choir