Events 2017

IDACA organises a range of events throughout the semester. In addition to the dinner and outings during the orientation programme, a series of talks and discussions with academics,activists and local people is on offer should students be interested. Outings to festivals, music, theatre and places of historical interest, like Robben Island are organized by IDACA but for the students’ own cost. Highlights of events happening in Cape Town are advertised regularly on the website, as well as on the IDACA face book page.

Events indicated by a * are part of the IDACA programme.

  • 4\5 MARCH – IDACA Orientation programme begins.*
  • 5 MARCH – Dinner hosted by IDACA for all their students to meet each other.*
  • 6\12 MARCH UCT Orientation programme and registration
  • 31 MARCH to 2 APRIL – Cape Town International Jazz Festival
  • 24 to 30 APRIL – AFRIKA BURN Festival